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Chiramytri Seva Samithi is a social service group for advising and guiding Senior Citizens who are in search of suitable Old Age Home ( Senior Citizen Home ) depending on their affordability (free or paid). Our service is free of cost. 

Chiramytri visited a number of Old Age Homes (Senior Citizen Homes) in and around Hyderabad, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Based on these visits along with the interactions with the inmates, their children and members of Management, compilation of data of these Old Age Homes was done to guide people looking out for this information.

Many of the senior Citizens do not know much about

Chiramytriís perception: Empty Nest Syndrome is a common feature in many residential areas. Children move away from parents towards greener pastures for a better professional growth, which does not mean that they do not love/care their parents. Sometimes, their professional stress and life style does not permit them to spend even quality time with their parents.

Added to this scenario, the average life span is increasing which makes the situation much adverse. With this changed social conditions, it is time for aged people to live more happily in an affordable Old Age Home among their own age group.

Looking at this socio- economic situation, many charitable and concerned organizations have realized the needs of such senior citizens and initiated in starting several Senior Citizen Homes ( Old Age Homes ) at no cost / reasonably charged, depending on the services they provide and their resources. Some commercial organizations have also started Homes (Old Age Homes ) with luxurious facilities to meet specific demands.

Chiramythriís advice: According to us, staying in a Senior citizen Home is more comfortable since they live among their own age group with broadly similar interests. Round the clock medical facility is available which is most essential at this stage of life. They can design or participate in different community based social/spiritual activities which leads to a better quality of life.

Our advice to the children of aged parents: Your glory and your success is the result of your parents hard work and their sacrifice. If you can, better live with them. If not possible, do not hesitate to place them in a good Senior Citizen Home ( Old Age Home)  best suited to them. At least make possible  to meet and spend quality time with them. 

Just a minute son/daughter.