( Chiramytri Seva Samithi )

A social service Group

Free Consultation and Guiding service organization 

to Locate suitable old age home for you.


We Suggest a good Old age home (Senior Citizen Home)

running with Non Profit or Free Basis

List of Old Age Homes
Group Members

Chiramytri Seva Samithi was started in January 2014 with like minded friends of the age group 55 to 75 years. All the group members have served in their respective organizations sincerely and effectively in very good positions. All the members were doing some humanitarian service to people in their own way and in their vicinity. We believe “No discussions will help the needy but for doing material help”. We find many of the associations and groups are discussing about the senior citizen problems without moving further. (Meet, eat, drink , disperse and forget till the next meeting.) We believe in material or monitory or the best being the direct physical help. We find there are a good number of generous and kind hearted people who are running senior citizen homes (paid/free), orphanage homes. “Service is service free/paid”. We must honor and encourage all types of services to the mankind. We thought of concentrate on senior citizen homes. As the group being small we do not like to fall into the financial/accounting issues.